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The Backbone Framework

Marionette simplifies your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions.

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Marionette Features


Organize your app in terms of small Views. Marionette makes it easy to compose rich layouts out of small components


Show a sorted filtered list without breaking a sweat. Have a massive collection? Want to add or remove an item? No worries!


Learn to love the details. We've added tons of features from templateHelpers, to a declarative UI hash, that will keep you from ever wanting to go back.


Share complex UI interactions across views. Behaviors are like mixins, without all of the pain associated with property collision.


Decoupled communication between your application components with a powerful messaging system


Write classes with the same API as your views. Marionette Objects support features like extend, events, initialize, and more.

Why Marionette?


Confused about how something works? Read the annotated source code. Think of Marionette as the code you would have written if you had the time and a thousand sets of eyes.


Marionette community is home to the most welcoming and vibrant discussions in the Backbone ecosystem.


Have a large unruly code base that you can not simply rewrite? Marionette can be added in pieces.


Stop spending more time thinking about your framework than your app. Marionette will never get in the way of you and your code.

Download Information v2.4.3

You can download Marionette either with npm or bower or as direct file download.

Install with bower

bower install marionette

Install with npm

npm install backbone.marionette

Static builds


Marionette Inspector - Chrome Extension

Example Apps

Marionette Wires

An opinionated Marionette starter app.

Requirements: modern web browsers
  • Browserify
  • Babel (ES6)
  • Handlebars
  • Gulp
  • Mocha + Chai
  • Sinon
  • Pioneer


An app to write about technical subjects

Requirements: modern web browsers
  • Webpack
  • Babel (ES6)
  • Handlebars
  • Grunt


A collaborative tool to share photographs.

Requirements: modern web browsers


A YouTube video player Chrome extension.

Requirements: modern web browsers
  • Jspm
  • Babel (ES6)
  • Handlebars
  • Grunt
  • Mocha + Chai
  • Sinon




Marionette greatly appreciates the community! We welcome your support and contributions. Please visit the GitHub repo to report bugs, suggest your ideas, help other users out, and even contribute code.

Marionette stickerMarionette sticker on a MacBook laptop


Everyone on the Marionette team works for free. Show your support by getting some stickers. Not only will your laptop look cool, your contributions will help further the development of this open source project!

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