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Marionette Configuration

Marionette has a few globally configurable settings that will change how the system works. While many of these subjects are covered in other docs, this configuration doc should provide a list of the most common items to change.


Warning: deprecated

This feature is deprecated, and is scheduled to be removed in version 3 of Marionette. It is used to configure Marionette.Callbacks, which is also deprecated and scheduled to be removed in version 3. Instead of proxying the Deferred property on Marionette, use the native Promise object directly, and include a polyfill such as https://github.com/jakearchibald/es6-promise if you are supporting older browsers. $.Deferred can also be used, but it is not compliant with the ES6 Promise and is not recommended.

By default, Marionette makes use of Backbone.$.Deferred to create thenable objects.

Overriding Marionette.Deferred

If you are using Marionette without jQuery you must first shim Backbone.$.Deferred with a following object that adheres to these properties:

  1. promise: a Promises/A+ thenable, or a function that returns one
  2. resolve: a function that resolves the provided promise with a value

For example:

var deferred = Marionette.Deferred();

_.result(deferred, 'promise').then(function (target) {
    console.log("Hello, " + target + "!");

deferred.resolve("world"); // asynchronous "Hello, world!"

If you wish to use a specific promise library, you can override the default via:

Marionette.Deferred = myDeferredLib;
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