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Warning: deprecated. The Controller object is deprecated. Instead of using the Controller class with the AppRouter, you should specify your callbacks on a plain Javascript object or a Marionette Object

A Controller is an object used in the Marionette Router. Controllers are where you store your Router's callbacks.

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Basic Use

A Marionette.Controller is intended to solely be used within the Router.

// Create a Controller, giving it the callbacks for our Router.
var MyController = Marionette.Controller.extend({
  home: function() {},
  profile: function() {}

// Instantiate it
var myController = new MyController();

// Pass it into the Router
var myRouter = new Marionette.AppRouter({
  controller: myController,
  appRoutes: {
    "home": "home",
    "profile": "profile"


Merge keys from the options object directly onto the instance. This is the preferred way to access options passed into the Controller.

More information at mergeOptions


Retrieve an object's attribute either directly from the object, or from the object's this.options, with this.options taking precedence.

More information getOption

Destroying A Controller

Each Controller instance has a built in destroy method that handles unbinding all of the events that are directly attached to the controller instance, as well as those that are bound using the EventBinder from the controller.

Invoking the destroy method will trigger the "before:destroy" and "destroy" events and the corresponding onBeforeDestory and onDestroy method calls. These calls will be passed any arguments destroy was invoked with.

// define a controller with an onDestroy method
var MyController = Marionette.Controller.extend({

  onBeforeDestroy: function(arg1, arg2){
    // put custom code here, before destroying this controller

  onDestroy: function(arg1, arg2){
    // put custom code here, to destroy this controller


// create a new controller instance
var contr = new MyController();

// add some event handlers
contr.on("before:destroy", function(arg1, arg2){ ... });
contr.on("destroy", function(arg1, arg2){ ... });
contr.listenTo(something, "bar", function(){...});

// destroy the controller: unbind all of the
// event handlers, trigger the "destroy" event and
// call the onDestroy method
contr.destroy(arg1, arg2);

Prior Usage

Before Marionette 2.1, the Controller had another use, which was a general-purpose, white-label object. This was confusing given its other use within the Router, and its name, which carries so much meaning in the context of MVC frameworks.

As of v2.1, a new Class is available for your use: Marionette.Object. We recommend using Marionette.Object instead of Marionette.Controller in all situations outside of the Router.

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