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The DOM Mixin API

Warning The DOM Mixin API is currently experimental and may change.

With the release of Marionette 3.2, developers can remove the dependency on jQuery and integrate with the DOM using a custom mixin.

Mixin Methods

The DOM mixin manages the DOM on behalf of View and CollectionView. It defines the methods that actually attach and remove views and children.

The default mixin depends on Backbone's jQuery $ object however it does not rely on jQuery-specific behavior. This should make it easier to develop your own API. You will, however, need to also handle Backbone's jQuery integration.


Returns a new HTML DOM node instance. The resulting node can be passed into the other DOM functions.

appendChildren(el, children)

Takes the DOM node el and appends the rendered children to the end of the element's contents.

beforeEl(el, sibling)

Add sibling to the DOM immediately before the DOM node el. The sibling will be at the same level as el.

replaceEl(newEl, oldEl)

Remove oldEl from the DOM and put newEl in its place.


Remove the inner contents of el from the DOM while leaving el itself in the DOM.

setInnerContent(el, html)

Replace the contents of el with the HTML string of html. Unlike other DOM functions, this takes a literal string for its second argument.


Remove el from the DOM.

findEls(selector, context)

Lookup the selector string within the DOM node for context. The optional context argument will come in as a DOM Node reference to run the selector search. If context hasn't been set, then findEls should search the entire document for the selector.

Providing Your Own DOM API

To implement your own DOM API for View, override the provided functions to provide the same functionality provided and mix it in using _.extend as such:

var Mn = require('backbone.marionette');

var MyDOMMixin = require('./mixins/mydom');

module.exports = Mn.View.extend(MyDOMMixin);

This would need to be applied to CollectionView, Region and TemplateCache.

Backbone jQuery Integration

Backbone.js is tied to jQuery's API for managing DOM manipulation. If you want to completely remove jQuery from your Marionette app, you'll also have to provide your own versions of the following methods:

See Also

The DOM Mixin takes care of the other DOM manipulation methods for you. The Backbone Wiki has a good reference for removing jQuery from the app, including Browserify and Webpack configuration hooks.

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