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MnObject incorporates backbone conventions initialize, cid and extend. MnObject includes:

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Instantiating a MnObject

When instantiating a MnObject there are several properties, if passed, that will be attached directly to the instance: channelName, radioEvents, radioRequests

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';

const myObject = new MnObject({ ... });

Unique Client ID

The cid or client id is a unique identifier automatically assigned to MnObjects when they're first created and by default is prefixed with mno. You can modify the prefix for MnObjects you extend by setting the cidPrefix.

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';

const MyFoo = MnObject.extend({
  cidPrefix: 'foo'

const foo = new MyFoo();

console.log(foo.cid); // foo1234

Destroying a MnObject


MnObjects have a destroy method that unbind the events that are directly attached to the instance. destroy returns the MnObject.

Invoking the destroy method will trigger before:destroy and destroy events and their corresponding methods.

Note The event handlers will pass the options argument destroy was invoked with.

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';

// define a mnobject with an onBeforeDestroy method
const MyObject = MnObject.extend({

    // put other custom clean-up code here

// create a new mnobject instance
const obj = new MyObject();

// add some event handlers
obj.on('before:destroy', function(options){ ... });
obj.listenTo(something, 'bar', function(){...});

// destroy the mnobject: unbind all of the
// event handlers, trigger the "destroy" event and
// call the onBeforeDestroy method
obj.destroy({ foo: 'bar' });


This method will return a boolean indicating if the mnobject has been destroyed.

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';

const obj = new MnObject();
obj.isDestroyed(); // false
obj.isDestroyed(); // true

Basic Use

Selections is a simple MnObject that manages a selection of things. Because Selections extends from MnObject, it gets initialize and Events for free.

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';

const Selections = MnObject.extend({

    this.selections = {};

  select(key, item){
    this.selections[key] = item;
    this.triggerMethod('select', key, item);

  deselect(key, item) {
    delete this.selections[key];
    this.triggerMethod('deselect', key, item);


const selections = new Selections({
  filters: Filters

// use the built in EventBinder
selections.listenTo(selections, 'select', function(key, item){

selections.select('toy', Truck);

Backwards Compatibility

In versions previous to v4, MnObject was simply named Object. This naming is still supported via the default export of the library, but should be considered deprecated and is scheduled for removal in an upcoming version.

import { MnObject } from 'backbone.marionette';
import Marionette from 'backbone.marionette';

console.log(MnObject === Marionette.Object === Marionette.MnObject); // true
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